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Audio Book
„The Hound of the Baskervilles“

How we converted a chapter from a novel into an audio book in about four hours:

Originally, our task was to pick a short snippet of chapter 7 of the novel “The Hound of the Baskervilles” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and turn it into an audio book. We started by picking a starting point but went a bit overboard and accidentally ended up using almost the entire chapter. We wrote a script based on the chapter, trying to limit the need of too much narration or reading along at all. Clemens also included a few notes on where to put what kind of sound effects but the entire idea of what it would sound like was already done in his head. We were meeting up the next day either way, so we decided to use that occasion to record.

We were meeting up the next day either way, so we decided to use that occasion to record. The next day we started recording on a Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 using DaVinci Resolve Fairlight. Since we couldn't take each other seriously we decided to record everyone one by one. After about 2 hours everyone was done with recording, and Clemens started arranging the vocals and adding basic dynamics like compressors and limiters to get a general idea of the sound. Luckily the tonality of the voice lines fitted together very well, and Clemens only ended up re-recording a few of my own voice lines to match the sound of the conversation a bit better. Clemens then started pulling sound effects from freesound.org and added them to the project. Clemens had a pretty good idea of what he was looking for and what he wanted the final result to sound like so that task was quite easy.

After adding a good chunk of the sound effects and already fine-tuning them by adding things like dynamic volume, a good picture of what the final result would sound like started to form. We then got into a group-call on Discord and exchanged a few more ideas and fine-tuned the rest of the project, adding or removing a few sound effects, changing the timing of some phrases and so on until it sounded about right. All in all, we had quite a bit of fun and were happy to spend an afternoon on this project.

Foto zum Video

Clemens Bade, Emily Tapper, Kien Vu, Vanessa Harms (Klasse 10d, 2021/22)