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Young poets reflecting on their future
(AG English Literature and Creative Writing)

Zeichnung einer Schreibfeder (https://pixabay.com/de/illustrations/tinte-ink-pot-stift-feder-316909/)

What do young people think about their own future? Get a taste of how young poets reflect on the world that surrounds us and the future which lies ahead. The following thought-provoking poems were written by some talented young members of the TGG English Literature and Creative Writing Club.


a starting line that‘s winding
winding like an ocean wave
a point i want to reach

but are those dreams made of inner wants?
or expections from the past?
thoughts from other minds i mistook as mine?

the sea of fears between line and point
needing to be more than just enough
and hope might be all that we got

the future is a question mark.

— amelie rohe
When I ask the past,
they tell me proud
stories of forgotten glory.

When I ask the present,
they calmly state
they have all they need.

When I ask the future,
they are shy about it;
if they lost it all.

By an anonymous author

If I keep on walking
Will I get somewhere?
I’m taking every step
I never stop to stare
I don’t know where I’m going
I don’t know where it ends
Is there a destination
Or is there only chance?
The route is the goal
The goal is to root
I’ve never been whole
Yet more than enough
If I keep on walking
Will you take my hand?
And we’ll keep on walking
Until we find an end

By Marie

Poems: members of the TGG English Literature and Creative Writing Club
Introductory text: Ben Liebsch